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Terms & Conditions Form

Please read over then provide your signature and contact information for the best services we can offer.

All repairs and suggestions are made in good faith. All reasonable avenues for repair will be explored and offered.

Formal Waiver

Payment Terms: Diagnosis fees at the time of Pick-up, remaining at the time of delivery or completion of work. No credit is available.


Diagnosis Fee: This fee applies to all out-of-warranty service requests with no exception. It is payable even if we determine that the laptop is not faulty; that the fault is not repairable; or you decide not to proceed with the repair. However, it may be waived at our discretion if you instruct us to proceed with the quoted repair or if the laptop is salvaged to Canyon Lake Phone and Computer Repair.


Payment: Full payment is strictly due on collection of your laptop. Your laptop will not be returned to you until full payment is received. You can make payment by cash or bank cheque. Personal cheques and company cheques are not accepted without prior arrangement. We retain a security interest in your laptop until full payment is made and we retain the right to sell your laptop at a private or public sale to pay for any outstanding invoice if payment is not received within 30 days of its due date.


Cheque Return Charges: for any financial reason – INR 350 for one cheque.


Customer’s Responsibilities 
Software/Data Backup. It is the Customer’s responsibility to complete a backup of all existing data, software, and programs on Supported Products prior to performing any Services. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR RECOVERY OF DATA, PROGRAMS, OR LOSS OF USE OF SYSTEM(S) OR NETWORK. You understand and agree that under no circumstances will Canyon Lake Phone and Computer Repair be responsible for any loss of software, programs, or data, even if our technicians have attempted to assist you with your backup, recovery, or similar services. Any such assistance is beyond the scope of any Canyon Lake Phone and Computer Repair warranty and this Service Agreement. The assistance is provided in our sole discretion and without any guarantee or warranty of any kind. Neither does we provide any guarantee or warranty of any kind with respect to any third-party product that our technician may use in assisting you.

Technical description of the defect: In order to properly repair a product, it is absolutely necessary for Canyon Lake Phone and Computer Repair SERVICES to receive information specifying the reason the product is being returned. Specific test data, written observation on the failure and specific corrective action you require, is needed.

Phone Rentals:  We offer rental phones if your phone is out of commission and parts need to be ordered. Phones can be rented for 10$ a day. If the phone is returned in any condition other than how it was checked out then the customer will pay 100% of the cost for the repairs to the phone. If the phone is beyond repair, then the customer will pay 100% of the retail sales price for the phone. 

Water Damage: Canyon Lake Phone and Computer Repair cannot offer a warranty or guarantee the repairs on any product with water damage. While we will attempt the repair as any other, we cannot put a warranty or promise any results on a device with water damage needing repairs.

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